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New look at education

We are certain that nowadays education should not be boring, traditional and ordinary. Hours-long lectures and heavy academic textbooks are being replaced by interactive learning and edutainment interesting for all participant of the educational process. This is a new education paradigm!
That is why we developed MegaCampus – a modern educational portal for everyone who wants to teach and learn.

How do I make my first step?

It's easy. To become a part of MegaCampus educational community you should register on the portal and choose a role that suits you:

  • student – if you want to receive education on the Internet, comfortably and by a personal schedule;
  • author – if you plan to publish your own courses and educational programs on the portal.

You can change your role at any time by simply clicking a link in your user area.

What can I do on MegaCampus?

In order to make your studies on MegaCampus easier, we implemented the following features:

  • E-Learning technologies – you can study at any time and in any city in the world. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet.
  • Catalog of courses and programs – the portal allows you to receive compulsory, higher or supplementary education in the most popular fields, increase your proficiency and take professional retraining. Our catalog contains both paid and free courses created by our authors.
  • Language versions – educational units and programs can be uploaded to MegaCampus in different languages. This way you can not only obtain new knowledge, but also improve your command of a foreign language.
  • Testing and certification – many of the authors propose the students who complete their courses to take final tests and receive a diploma or certificate.
  • Rating of programs – feedback and a course rating system help the authors to improve their educational material and allows other users to decide whether they want to subscribe to a particular course.
  • Social network – the portal allows its users to communicate with other users via an instant messaging system, add other users as friends, create interest groups, upload photos, and exchange comments.
  • Blogs – in order for you not to be distracted by LiveJournal and Twitter, we developed a system of personal and public blogs.
  • Bookmarks – you can bookmark user profiles, blogs, educational courses, and photos and view all updates on the most interesting pages of MegaCampus.
  • Ratings – when adding a user as your friend, you can see his personal and professional ratings.

How it works?

Introduction Video



To learn more about the new form of education and about our website, you can view a short video. You have no questions? Then please register and welcome to MegaCampus!