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What is MegaCampus?

We are certain that modern education should not be boring and ordinary. Today hours-long lectures and heavy academic textbooks are being replaced by interactive education, which is more accessible and certainly much more fun. This is a new education paradigm!

This is why we have developed MegaCampus – a modern e-learning system for everyone who wants to learn or teach. MegaCampus allows you to receive high-quality education at an affordable price from anywhere in the world, and all you need for that is a computer connected to the Internet!

MegaCampus complies with the strictest requirements to e-learning projects. All educational content on our portal complies with SCORM, which currently is the definitive standard for all e-learning systems.

On MegaCampus you will have 24/7 access to all the tools you need: your personal area, electronic library, online tests, real-time videoconferencing, virtual platforms for holding web-seminars (webinars) and training courses. In addition to that you will be able to keep in touch with your teachers and receive expert advice online.

But e-learning is not all MegaCampus offers. For your convenience we have also integrated social networking features into our system: on MegaCampus you can communicate with other users via instant messaging system, add friends, organize interest groups, upload photos, exchange comments, and keep a personal blog. All of this will allow you to keep in touch with your friends without being distracted from the educational process!

Given all the cutting-edge technology at our disposal and our professional experience in e-learning since 2005, MegaCampus is constantly improving and the number of its features is growing. The motto of MegaCampus, however, remains unchanged since its founding:

Our goal is to improve education!
Our goal is your professional future!

Who is MegaCampus for?

MegaCampus has been created for everyone who wants to learn or teach.

The main advantages of e-learning over traditional education are flexibility and accessibility. This is why there are absolutely no restrictions on who can learn on MegaCampus – we welcome everyone regardless of age or social standing. On MegaCampus everyone – be it a student, worker, manager, or retiree – will find some useful information and will be able to learn something.

Since education on MegaCampus is not time-restricted, you will be able to work out your own schedule and learn effectively without your studies interfering with your job and other day-to-day activities. Also, since all you need to study on MegaCampus is a computer connected to the Internet, the learning process is 100% mobile and you will be free to travel anywhere you like while learning. You will be able to study anytime from anywhere!

In addition to all of the above, learning on MegaCampus will allow you to substantially cut your education costs by saving on travel expenses and purchase of textbooks!

For everyone who is willing and ready to share their knowledge with other people MegaCampus offers a modern hi-tech platform for: publishing interactive educational content; holding real-time online seminars, workshops, and tutorials; conducting knowledge-assessment tests; and issuing certificates of education. In addition to that MegaCampus has a flexible payment system which provides individuals and educational institutions (companies) with an opportunity to earn by teaching.

How do I join MegaCampus?

MegaCampus offers a wide selection of free and paid educational courses and programs (sets of courses) in various subjects and disciplines and for various academic levels (secondary education, higher education, supplementary education etc.) Some of those courses and programs are authored and published by individuals and some by educational institutions (or companies).

As an unregistered user of MegaCampus, you can view our catalog of courses and programs and preview individual courses or programs in a limited demo mode. However, if you want to be able to study complete versions of any courses or programs or to publish your own courses and programs, you will have to register on MegaCampus.

Registration on MegaCampus is free and very simple: click "Register" in the top right corner, select your role (Student, Author, or Editor), fill out the registration form, and click "Register" at the bottom of the page. After that an e-mail containing an activation link for your newly created account will be sent to the e-mail address you specified in the registration form. Open the activation link in your browser and your account will be activated and ready to use.

What role to choose during registration? If you want to learn on MegaCampus, we recommend that you register as a student. If you want to teach others using your own educational content, you should register as an author. If, in addition to teaching MegaCampus students, you want to assist MegaCampus authors in publishing their educational content, you may want to register as an editor. Please note that your user role is not set in stone – you can change it at any time later.

Some of the courses and programs published on MegaCampus by educational institutions are only available to users registered as students of a relevant educational institution. To access such courses and programs you will need to apply for studying in the educational institution which owns them. To do that, click "Application for Study" in the top menu, fill out the application form, and click "Send". Representatives of the educational institution will review your application and contact you shortly after.

If you represent an educational institution and would like your institution to be able to:

  1. publish courses and programs on its own behalf on MegaCampus;
  2. issue official certificates of education to students, who successfully complete courses and programs published by your institution; and
  3. effectively and flexibly manage your income from sales of courses and programs on MegaCampus,

then please contact our tech support service via the feedback form.

What do I get when I learn on MegaCampus?

When you learn on MegaCampus, you get:

  • huge selection of free and paid educational courses and programs in various subjects and disciplines for various academic levels;  
  • interactive educational content which is easy and fun to study;  
  • distance education over the Internet from anywhere in the world at any convenient time;  
  • regular communication with teachers and expert advice online;  
  • access to online seminars (webinars) held by teachers in real-time;  
  • online testing system for interim and final assessment of knowledge obtained from courses and programs;  
  • ability to rate completed courses and programs and provide feedback about them;  
  • personal account for paying for educational courses and programs, money to which can be added via bank transfer or popular online payment systems;  
  • a page with info about ordered, paid, and completed courses and programs;  
  • personal page (profile) with public and private info;  
  • social networking functionality, i.e. instant messaging system, personal blog, events calendar, photo album, friend list, contact list, bookmarking system, and many other useful features.  

What do I get after I complete my studies?

The first and the foremost: you get extensive and properly structured knowledge in the subjects and disciplines of your choice.

In addition to that, if you complete a course or program published by an accredited educational institution, you get an official document certifying your education (diploma or certificate of education – depending on the particular course or program).

What does MegaCampus offer to teachers?

If you are a professional teacher or just ready and willing to share your knowledge with other MegaCampus users, you can register as an author or editor.

If you register as an author, you gain access to the following functionality:

  • free publishing of educational courses and ability to group them into educational programs;
  • uploading of educational content as premade SCORM-packages or creation of SCORM-compliant educational content in a simple and intuitive online editor;
  • ability to set prices for courses and programs and for their subsequent updates;
  • payments for courses and programs are automatically credited to author's personal account once a student completes a course or a program;
  • flexible cashing system allowing to withdraw money from author's personal account via bank transfer or popular online payment systems;
  • creation of multiple content and language versions of each course;
  • flexible adjustment of courses and programs by an extensive set of parameters (duration, academic level, maximum number of times a student can complete a course etc.);
  • conduction of online seminars (webinars) in real-time and ability to link a webinar to a particular course;
  • interim and final assessment of knowledge obtained by students from a course or program by means of a flexible system of online testing;
  • ability to give assignments to students, online communication with students, flexible statistics, and other useful features.
  • Having registered on MegaCampus as an editor, in addition to all of the above you will also be able to provide paid editorship services to MegaCampus authors, i.e. edit their educational content.

    In addition to all of the above, on MegaCampus you can invite any registered user to become a tutor on your educational course. Tutors can be invited by authors and editors. The main duty of a tutor is to manage learning process on the course. A tutor is displayed to students as the primary contact for the course and is able to:

    • receive all notifications about the learning process on the course (new subscribers, new graduates etc.);
    • view course statistics and assess (score) students;
    • freely access all content of the course (but not edit it).

    For educational institutions there is an option to register an educational institution on MegaCampus. A registered educational institution can: manage courses published by its authors; group those courses into programs; include courses published by independent authors into its programs (with author's consent); and flexibly manage its income from sales of courses and programs on MegaCampus.

Why choose us?

MegaCampus is a modern e-learning system complying with the strictest requirements to e-learning projects. When we developed MegaCampus, our goal was to create a high-quality modern alternative to the traditional education. This is why educational process on MegaCampus, while replicating the traditional educational process in all of its core aspects, has a number of considerable advantages:

  • Educational process is not time-restricted, which allows you to work out your own schedule and study at any convenient time, without your studies interfering with your job and other day-to-day activities.
  • As all you need in order to study on MegaCampus is a computer connected to the Internet, you can study from anywhere in the world and travel anywhere you want or need to while studying.
  • You can cut your education costs substantially by saving on travel expenses and purchase of expensive textbooks.
  • Interactive educational content published on MegaCampus is much more visual than traditional textbooks and teaching aids, which makes it easier and more fun to study.
  • E-learning courses and programs have no limitations on the number of students. Thanks to that education on MegaCampus is accessible to anyone who wants to study.

MegaCampus represents a new education paradigm: education accessible to everyone regardless of age, social status, or location. On MegaCampus everyone who wants to study can receive high-quality education at an affordable price!

How it works?

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To learn more about the new form of education and about our website, you can view a short video. You have no questions? Then please register and welcome to MegaCampus!