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10 reasons to study ONLINE

MegaCampus MegaCampus is a unique educational portal that offers high-quality and prestigious education at an affordable price with ability to study from anywhere in Russia or the world. All you need is a computer connected to the internet and a will to learn:

  1. You have an opportunity to receive complete education from anywhere in the world.
  2. You can be confident in the quality of offered educational programs, because members of the project are leading educational institutions with official accreditation (including several with European accreditation).
  3. You have access to all levels of education: secondary education, higher education (bachelor's and master's degrees), MBA.
  4. Educational process is not influenced by your location, work schedule, or time difference between countries and cities. You can easily fit your studies into your schedule without them overlapping with your work or other activities.
  5. You can define the schedule of your studies (both duration and periodicity) yourself.
  6. All the tools you need are available to you 24/7: personal profile, electronic media library, online testing system, videoconferencing, workshops held by successful businessmen and politicians etc.
  7. You can considerably decrease the cost of your education by saving on traveling expenses and textbooks.
  8. You can constantly keep in touch with your teachers and receive competent online consultations.
  9. You get personalized approach and online support.
  10. You are guaranteed to receive prestigious and, what's even more important, high-quality education at the most affordable prices available.

How it works?

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