Educational platform MEGACAMPUS for launching courses and online schools
Create your educational products in 3 steps in 15 minutes using the platforms flexible methodology.
40+ instruments
To create your courses and online school on any topic.
20+ experts
We are chosen by the best in their field and the most famous speakers in Russia.
10 000+ students
Already, more than 10,000 students are studying on the platform.
Everyone can share knowledge
MEGACAMPUS — platform for creating courses and online schools of any type and organizing training.
Sell your knowledge and experience on a trusted platform.
Attract new students.
Create unique courses with your own program.
Share best practices through training programs.
Collect statistics on viewing lessons.
Analyze which materials attract better attention and which ones do not.
Increase the cost of courses and work with foreign audiences.
Find new clients and increase your expertise.
Increase customer loyalty through training.
Invite the best experts to online events without geographic restrictions or extra costs.
Talk about your values and company.
Communicate with potential buyers in real time.
Conduct training, listen in and handle calls with the entire team.
Monitor your learning of the material.
Automate onboarding of new employees.
Create blended learning programs.
Conduct training and skills development.
Make changes based on data.
Increase employee loyalty and reduce churn.
Conduct training and skills development.
Train new employees remotely without interrupting other tasks.
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Benefits of working with MEGACAMPUS
Create interactive lessons
The authors of courses on the platform can create modules, lessons, tests in order to attract the attention of students and the simplest way to convey information.
Start training in just a couple of minutes
To edit the appearance and content of the lesson, just a few mouse clicks are enough. The process is fully automated, and thanks to the intuitive interface, anyone can use it.
Accept payments from anywhere in the world
The platform offers connections to Robokassa, CloudPayments and Stripe (for processing payments from abroad). It is enough to create checks through the online cash register or the My Tax application if you are self-employed to receive the funds you earned!
Conduct classes from any available device
The platform is adapted for the screen of smartphones, tablets and computers.
Increase the efficiency of the learning process
Enhance your learning experience with a variety of activity types within a single course structure. Create tests and homework, track the progress of a group and the results of a particular student, quickly make changes without having to remove the course from publication.
Use analytics to measure student engagement
Use training, enrollment and sales analytics to increase reach and attract new students, as well as trial testing new courses.
Quick start of online training in 3 simple steps
Create an account
To upload your course and attract new students, first register on the MEGACAMPUS platform.
Create your course
You will have access to all the platform tools to quickly create and launch a course.
Start the course
After launching the course, it is automatically published on the marketplace, which will allow more interested students to learn about your product.
Answers to popular questions
Is it possible to transfer lessons from another platform?
Yes, all you need to do is leave a request.
Does the platform help promote the course?
Yes, your lesson is automatically included in our marketplace.
What data can I get from the Analytics section?
The “Analytics” section contains: data on students’ transition from lesson to lesson, the number of practical assignments submitted; registration data for the author’s product; data on the number of sales for the authors products.
Is there a limit on the volume of downloaded content?
There are no restrictions on downloading content on the platform.
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