Ichak Adizes

Change Management

How to make the best decisions and
ensure that they are implemented
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Training period 8 weeks
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The course of Ichak Adizes helps to competently build the strategy and tactics of the company’s development. Managing changes, you will not only reach the stage of prosperity, but also be able to stay in it as long as possible.

  • Get ready-made decision-making algorithms
  • Learn how to implement the decision 100%
  • Define your management style
  • Learn how to manage change

What will you learn

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Ichak Adizes

  • He is a regular columnist of the world’s leading publications: Inc. Magazine, Fortune, The New York Times, The London Financial Times, Investor Relations Daily, Nation’s Business and World Digest.
  • He is a lecturer at Andersen School of Management at the University of California, Stanford and Columbia Universities, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University.
  • The author of the famous theory about the life cycles of companies, which has become a classic of management.
  • The Adizes’s methodology is applied worldwide in companies with sales from $ 2 million to $ 2 billion (Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Volvo, Visa Group, etc.).

How is our training conducted?

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Your results

  1. Learn and practice Ichak Adizes methodology
  2. Get ready-made algorithms for making the best decisions
  3. Learn how to implement every decision you make 100%
  4. Form an effective PAEI-principles team
  5. Define your management style by Ichak Adizes technology and optimize your management system
  6. Learn to manage changes and respond flexibly to any external events, keeping the company in its heyday

Electronic certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an electronic certificate that confirms your competence and serves as a ready-made CV. After taking the new courses, it is automatically updated. Employers can follow your learning history through blockchain technology.

"To make a decision you have to be open and listen to different opinions, but only until the moment when the decision is made. When it is made – that is all, the discussion is over. I call the combination of democracy in decision-making and dictatorship in their implementation the word "democracy."

Ichak Adizes


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Ichak Adizes

Change Management

  • Gain professional skills
  • Pass an online interview
  • Work in the leading companies of the world

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