John Gray

Successful Relationships in Life and Business

How to build a successful relationship in life,
business, and career
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Training period 2 months
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  • Learn to understand your colleagues and loved ones
  • Learn the skills to work with stress
  • Master the practices of conflict management
  • How to build a successful relationships

What will you learn

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John Gray

  • The author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", included by The New York Times magazine in the Top-10 of most influential publications over the past 30 years.
  • Author of 17 books with a total circulation of over 50,000,000, translated into 48 languages.
  • Co-author and participant of the famous film "The Secret", 2006.
  • Author of technology for creating and strengthening happy and successful family and business unions.
  • Doctor of Psychology and Sexology at Columbia University.
  • Consulting editor of The Family Journal.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the International Association of Marriage and Family.

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Your results

  1. Master powerful psychological practices that have helped 16,000 couples find happiness.
  2. Learn the subtleties of our subconscious mind, how to manage emotions and hormones.
  3. Get recommendations on how to understand each other and become a better business partner, colleague, boss, or subordinate.
  4. Strengthen relationships with colleagues, business partners, and your soulmate.
  5. Get a boost of optimism and self-confidence, as well as a warm and open relationship with the opposite gender.
  6. Learn how to resolve conflict situations and prevent them in the future.

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"We don't spend time trying to understand each other and don’t realize how different we are. We become demanding, irritable, harsh, and intolerant in evaluating our partner."

John Gray


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John Gray

Successful Relationships in Life and Business

  • Gain professional skills
  • Pass an online interview
  • Work in the leading companies of the world

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