Remote Team Management

How to maintain your efficiency
in remote work mode
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Training period 1 week
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This course will help you understand the key principles of remote work, prepare for the transition to a new format of interaction with your team, as well as build processes to preserve and even increase the company performance.

  • Learn how to organize remote team work
  • Learn the basics of flexible project management methods
  • Develop KPI and motivation schemes
  • Learn the tools for remote work

What will you learn

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  • This course is suitable for entrepreneurs and top managers who want to maintain efficiency when transferring a team to a remote work format.
  • It will be useful for managers of IT services who are looking for solutions for collaboration.
  • It will help professionals in the management of business processes to establish effective communication between departments.
  • It will provide the department managers with an idea of how to build a motivation system for different categories of employees.

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Your results

  1. You will learn how to maintain effectiveness during remote work
  2. You will learn the tools necessary for remote work
  3. You will get checklist of preparedness of your company or the team to work remotely
  4. You will learn how to create regulations and instructions
  5. You will learn flexible methodologies for managing a remote team
  6. You will learn tools for remote work, including Slack, Miro, Trello

Electronic certificate

After training, you will receive an electronic certificate that confirms your competence and serves as a ready-made CV. This certificate is automatically updated after completion of new courses. Companies-employers can follow the history of your completed courses thanks to blockchain technologies

"If your company has not worked in a remote format before, you may lose efficiency. You will have to solve a lot of issues in order to maintain effectiveness of your employees. And if you don't succeed, then the loss of efficiency will not be the employee's fault, but your fault as a manager."

From the course "Remote Team Management"


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Remote Team Management

  • Gain professional skills
  • Pass an online interview
  • Work in the leading companies of the world

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